A service evaluation review of Children's Health Queensland patients having respiratory function tests in regional and remote clinics

Speaker: Andrew Collaro

Telehealth mentoring following culturally appropriate Indigenous spirometry training program may improve spirometry quality

Speaker: Leanne Rodwell

Community spirometry competency: Are we achieving buy-in and meeting our targets?

Speaker: Emily Ingram

Patient-reported heights result in changes to spirometry reference values and severity classification

Speaker: Erin Crumpler

Reducing post bronchodilator spirometry assessment waiting time

Speaker: Jay Flack

Troubleshooting the TLCO simulator - exercise from Fiona Stanley Hospital

Speaker: Adam Retterath

Pre-operative assessment for scoliosis spinal surgery in pulmonary function laboratories across Australia and New Zealand

Speaker: Tahlia Martin

Differences in values of respiratory function test parameters measured using the SensorMedics V62J Autobox (mass flow sensor) and the Medgraphics Platinum Elite Series Plethysmograph systems (pitot tube flow sensor)

Speaker: Robert Robles

Lung function testing after a recent myocardial infarction is safe

Speaker: Warren Ruehland

Lung function does not predict severity of shunt fraction in patients awaiting orthotopic liver transplant

Speaker: Samantha Hogan

Sickle cell disease and lung function: A case study

Speaker: Paul Hammer

COPD patients presribed only ambulatory oxygen have sub-optimal adherance to oxygen therapy

Speaker: Faizel Hartley

An audit of current practices: Which is the best method of predicting a maximal workload?

Speaker: Stephanie Mascarenhas

End-tidal gas analysis is not appropriate for the calculation of dead space ventilation during incremental exercise

Speaker: Leigh Seccombe

Acute increase in hemoglobin concentration during clinical cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Speaker: Leigh Seccombe

Suboptimal cardiopulmonary exercise testing quality control practices across respiratory laboratories

Speaker: Tegan Williams

VE/VCO2 slope in CPET is affected by method selection

Speaker: Sonya Johnston