Recording of spirometry amongst patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in primary care: A UK general population based study

08:30 - 08:36

Speaker: Vidya Navaratnam

Pulmonary function changes in a cohort of Western Australian miners

08:36 - 08:42

Speaker: Edward Harris

Metformin may reduce mesothelioma and lung cancer incidence among asbestos-exposed

08:42 - 08:48

Speaker: Edward Harris

Increasing childhood and adolescent adiposity impairs peak adult lung function

08:48 - 08:54

Speaker: Xian Zhang

Inflammatory effects of iron oxide and silica particles on macrophages

08:54 - 09:00

Speaker: Lewis Williams

BMI as a correlate of spirometry findings in the morbidly obese

09:00 - 09:06

Speaker: Kirryn Williams

Few associations between firefighting exposures and changes in lung function

09:06 - 09:12

Speaker: Flynn Slattery