Comparative toxicity of various biodiesel exhausts compared with commercial mineral diesel in an in vitro human airway epithelial cell model

15:30 - 15:36

Speaker: Katherine Landwehr

Miniaturisation of an in vitro transmigration model of neutrophil recruitment to cystic fibrosis airways

15:36 - 15:42

Speaker: Daniel Laucirica

Phospholipase D-dependent inhibition of the nuclear hormone receptor GR by (lyso)phosphatidic acid

15:42 - 15:48

Speaker: Meina Li

Neonatal predictors of aberrant wound repair in very preterm infants

15:48 - 15:54

Speaker: Jessica Hillas

Increased heparan sulphate and decreased lipids in alveolar surfactant of the mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) IIIA mouse

15:54 - 16:00

Speaker: Tamara Paget

Dysregulated S1P signaling in mouse model of cystic fibrosis-like lung disease produced by BENAC overexpression

16:00 - 16:06

Speaker: Matthew Macowan

Defective airway epithelial cell repair in the upper and lower airways of asthmatics: Further evidence for the unified airway hypothesis

16:06 - 16:12

Speaker: Anthony Kicic

Comparison of two different cytology brushes for collection of nasal mucosal cells

16:12 - 16:18

Speaker: Laura Fawcett

Exosome-related mediators in serum and exhaled breath condensate in sarcoidosis

16:18 - 16:24

Speaker: Yu Gan Hng

MicroRNA-17~92 cluster regulates pro-inflammatory responses in the Th1/17-biased cytokine environment of COPD

16:24 - 16:30

Speaker: Yifan Chen