Nitrofurantoin associated organising pneumonia

15:30 - 15:36

Speaker: Ron Cheah

Does the bronchoscope or cleaning process propogate pulmonary infection?

15:36 - 15:42

Speaker: Esha Joshi

Empyema thoracis in Far North Queensland

15:42 - 15:48

Speaker: Graham Simpson

Alteplase dose assessment for pleural infection therapy (ADAPT)-2

15:48 - 15:54

Speaker: Natalia Popowicz

Cost effectiveness and clinical utility of urinary antigens in pneumonia

15:54 - 16:00

Speaker: Lauren Ng

Characterising the outcome and toxicity of treatment for drug resistant tuberculosis in NSW

16:00 - 16:06

Speaker: Vicky Wai Lai Chang

Aetiology of hospital managed community-acquired pneumonia in Western Australia private hospitals

16:06 - 16:12

Speaker: Adam Trytell