Lung imaging at medical emergency team calls for inpatients: LIMIT CTPA

08:30 - 08:36

Speaker: Jennifer Zhou

The feasibility of 24-hour exacerbation support: COPD at home

08:36 - 08:42

Speaker: Karen Royals

The Australian Bronchiectasis Registry: Learnings from establishing and operating the largest respiratory disease registry in Australia

08:42 - 08:48

Speaker: Enna Stroil-Salama

Psychometric properties of the quality of life-bronchiectasis questionnaire in Australia

08:48 - 08:54

Speaker: Di Liu

Recurrence rate and spread of sarcoidosis are associated with BMI

08:54 - 09:00

Speaker: Elena Leonova

Diagnostic trends of malignant effusions in a new pleural unit

09:00 - 09:06

Speaker: Justin Goh

Clinical features and long-term outcome of patients with saddle pulmonary embolism - experience from two tertiary centers

09:06 - 09:12

Speaker: Hilman Harryanto

Adherence to COPD-X guidelines and treatment adherence in regional Victoria

09:12 - 09:18

Speaker: Johnson George

A comprehensive analysis of pulmonary embolus (CAPE) study: Thrombophilia screening appropriateness and outcomes

09:18 - 09:24

Speaker: Benjamin Gerhardy

A comparative study of the acute presentation of the respiratory problems among indigenous and non indigenous Australians in the top end

09:24 - 09:30

Speaker: Ram Ghimire