Powerful message: Healthcare professionals' responses upon viewing patients asthma drawings

08:30 - 08:36

Speaker: Melissa Mei Yin Cheung

General practitioner and next of kin details: A single adult audit

08:36 - 08:42

Speaker: Clarence Yeong

Maternal cigrarette smoke-exposure affects lung function of offspring and grand-offspring

08:42 - 08:48

Speaker: Henry Gomez

Limited impacts of long-term, mild exposure to e-cigarette aerosols in adult mice

08:48 - 08:54

Speaker: Alexander Larcombe

Patients' perspectives on the use of a pulse oximeter at home

08:54 - 09:00

Speaker: Esha Joshi

Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation during exercise in excessive dynamic airway collapse and vocal cord dysfunction: Two case studies

09:00 - 09:06

Speaker: Stella Just

Audit of long term oxygen therapy related severe adverse outcomes

09:06 - 09:12

Speaker: Sahan Semasinghe Bandaralage