Asthma hospital mortality: A 10-year retrospective audit

08:30 - 08:36

Speaker: Betty Chen

A systematic review and meta-analysis of asthma medication use in obese asthma

08:36 - 08:42

Speaker: Cherry Thompson

Review of clinical trial design in paediatric patients with asthma

08:42 - 08:48

Speaker: Benjamin Van Hecke

Knowledge and confidence of health professionals in providing asthma management in pregnancy: Results of an Australian nationwide survey

08:48 - 08:54

Speaker: Karen Mclaughlin

How do people living with severe asthma experience autonomy? An exploratory study

08:54 - 09:00

Speaker: Daniela Eassey

Dupilumab improves asthma outcomes regardless of baseline lung function

09:00 - 09:06

Speaker: David Langton

An online patient portal to enhance clinical communications for patients with chronic asthma

09:06 - 09:12

Speaker: Hiran Selvadurai

Is asthma longitudinally related to physical activity in early childhood?

09:12 - 09:18

Speaker: Raisa Cassim

GASP - integrated approach to managing patients in general practice

09:18 - 09:24

Speaker: Anthony Flynn

Hazard reduction burning and asthma; survey of experiences and actions

09:24 - 09:30

Speaker: Anthony Flynn