IgLON5 disease: Case report of a novel neuroimmune sleep disorder

10:30 - 10:36

Speaker: Johnathan Banks

Effect of misregistration on MR imaged specific entilation

10:42 - 10:48

Speaker: G. Kim Prisk

An audit of ward-based non-invasive ventilation practices at the Gold Coast University Hospital

10:48 - 10:54

Speaker: David Mackintosh

Controlled vs uncontrolled breathing protocol in adults using multilple breath nitrogen washout (MBNW) to measure ventilation heterogeneity

10:54 - 11:00

Speaker: Blake Handley

Adverse events after pulmonary function testing with recent myocardial infarction

11:00 - 11:06

Speaker: Thomas Altree

Melatonin in the management of delirium in the elderly: Double-blind randomised controlled pilot trial (MINTED)

11:06 - 11:12

Speaker: Joy Sha

Sleep-study patterns and positive-airway pressure requirements in motor neuron disease

11:12 - 11:18

Speaker: Sumit Mehra

The forced oscillation technique has moderate longitudinal concordance with spirometry and asthma control

11:18 - 11:24

Speaker: Alice Cottee

A new tool to monitor disease in IPF

11:24 - 11:30

Speaker: Kris Nilsen